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Yes2All - Group Rules

Tue Dec 18, 2012, 12:45 PM by Jassy2012:iconjassy2012:
Spotlight :bulletgreen: Yes2All - Group Rules :bulletgreen:  Spotlight

:lightbulb:  please read our other basic Rules here:…

:bulletgreen: Members may submit 2 Deviations per folder and per day
:bulletgreen: Members may suggest 1 Fave per day  
:bulletgreen: To submit allowed are all art of Images
:bulletgreen: Please submit original pieces only
:bulletgreen: You can see your art in our :gallery:
:bulletgreen: Each image belongs to the artist who create it
:bulletgreen: That member has all legal copyrights to their art
:bulletgreen: The group is a non-profit group
:bulletgreen: Any stock photos, textures, brushes must be from a legitimate stock provider and credited
:bulletgreen: If the stock images were created by you, please write this in your artist's comments
:bulletgreen: Respect the other members and the Admins

Spotlight  You may:  Spotlight
:bulletgreen: Use your own in any manner you wish.
:bulletgreen: Give them as prizes to other DA members
:bulletgreen: submit only art that you created
:bulletgreen: Sell your own Artworks
:bulletgreen: submit 2 Images per folder and per day
:bulletgreen: suggest 1 Image per day

Spotlight   You may NOT:  Spotlight
:bulletred: submit in the Featured, Founder and Challenge Winner Folder
:bulletred: Sell or use other member`s images without permission
:bulletred: submit images with pornographic content
:bulletred: submit images with violent content
:bulletred: submit images with satanic content (pentagram etc.)
:bulletred: submit blasphemous content
:bulletred: submit works that promote any political or religious propaganda
:bulletred: submit scans or photos that have poor quality
:bulletred: submit art without credits!
:bulletred: submit stolen art!
:bulletred: submit unfinished Work!!!
:bulletred:  submit Artistic Nude without Mature Filter

:bulletred: Works using celebrity images are NOT allowed.
Traditional artwork is accepted, as long as it your original artwork and any references used are properly credited. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Updated: May, 15th 2015
Founder: Jassy2012